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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Surfactants
Performance based surfactants such as Amphoterics, Phospholipids, Amido Amides, Amines, Mild Surfactants and other surfactants for a wide variety of applications.
Mild cleaning agent Conditioner Emulsifier Solubilizer Polymerization
Reaction intermediate Dispersant      
Specialty Chemicals
Wide range of chemistries used in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care, Agrochemicals, Lubricants… derived from natural and synthetic based raw materials in varying proportions. Includes esters, polyglycol esters, sugar esters, alkanolamides. Industrial, Food and Cosmetic grades are available, upon request.
Food processing Emulsifier Emollient Solubilizer Reaction intermediate
Lubricant Refatting agent Defoamer Corrosion inhibition Anti-bacterial
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